About ENZO

At ENZO, we believe in continuous innovation and improvement towards a safer and smarter drive everywhere. We understand that a personal vehicle is no longer just a means of getting from point A to point B, but also a space where people can interact together and also a means for people to achieve their dreams. Building on this understanding, we adopt a people-centric approach in how we run our business, from design and production to after sales and service.
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Singapore Born with a Regional Focus

Singapore has grown from being a small country with no natural resources to become a modern South-East Asian economic giant. Renowned for the knowledge and efficiency of its well-educated workforce, Singapore continues to be an attractive destination for young startups and multinational companies alike to set up their regional hubs in Asia.

Founded and headquartered in Singapore, ENZO maintains a strong presence throughout South-East Asia, We are proud of our roots and seek to reflect our world-renowned Singaporean quality standards in everything we do.

Innovation And Technology Driven

Supported by experienced engineers, ENZO are constantly innovating the latest and exclusive accessories for the automotive industry.

Automotive accessories are just the beginning of our journey as a young and innovative company - when it comes to technology, we believe that the sky's the limit. We already have ENZO Car Mat, with many more exciting products in the pipeline. We can’t wait for you to experience our product offerings.

Over Thousands Of Satisfied Consumers

In 2018, our team started off as an automotive accessories wholesaler before establishing the ENZO brand in 2020.

Leveraging on our extensive experience in this field, ENZO has put together a capable and experienced team that is committed to bring you the next generation of automotive accessories for your vehicles. We love ENZO and we think you will too!

Credibility Assured

The ENZO team assembles a mixture of bright and experienced talents in order to give you the best of both worlds. We have young graduates hailing from the top 1% of universities in the world, as well as brand advisors who have had senior management experience in Singaporean public listed companies. Working together, we are committed to delight our customers by creating these exclusive innovative products.

ENZO’s TPV material is laboratory tested by SGS, a world-leading inspection, verification, testing and certification organization, to ensure that the products are of the highest and safest quality standards. The material used also complies with the strictest European Union REACH regulations for non-toxic and ecological product for long-term sustainability.

To find out more about our premium quality products, please visit our flagship ENZO Car Mat page.