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ENZO Essential Oils

Crafted by Singapore's leading designer of ambience fragrance. ENZO Essential Oil contains the following ingredients: Leafy greens, Bergamot & Citrus combine harmoniously with White Tea Main Green and Citrus based, with a mix of bergamot, Grapefruit, White Tea, Cyclamen, Cedarwood & Musk are the main ingredients.
Enzo Accessories
With every purchase of ENZO Car Diffuser free Exclusive ENZO scent.
Route to Smart Drive

Waterless Diffusion

Diffusing 100% essential oils without water or heat, maximizing the benefits of essential oils.

Ultra Quiet Technology

Indulge in your exclusive aroma world in complete silence and releases scent through gently humidifying mist.

Coverage Area

Diffuse more quickly and effectively. The maximum diffusion area can reach up to 60m2 to 100m2.

Long Working Hours

Get up to 72 hours of usage on a full charge.

Exclusive ENZO scent

ENZO essential oils that have been handmade by Singapore’s top scent designer.

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